Summit offers an array of services all aimed at helping students learn to think critically across academic subjects and disciplines in order to earn top scores on standardized tests and succeed in their future studies and careers.

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Test Prep

University Application CounsellingUniversity Application Counselling

University Application Counselling


Career-track Coaching


Elementary & Secondary Private School Application Counselling


Customized Sessions


Test Prep


SAT Reasoning Prep

The SAT Reasoning Test is a standardized test used for admission to most American universities. Summit's SAT Reasoning Prep program provides students with coaching, classroom instruction, practice tests, and test review sessions.


SAT Subject Prep

SAT Subject Tests are used to evaluate students’ skills in specific fields of study. Multiple Subject Tests are generally required for admission to the most competitive U.S. universities. Our professional advisors will assist students in strategically selecting, preparing for, and scheduling the Subject Tests that will further their goals.


SAT & ACT Advanced Prep

SAT & ACT Advanced Prep provides students with rigorous practice tests and detailed test reviews. Instructors in this program will work with high scoring students to enhance the specific skills they need as they approach perfect scores. Students must achieve threshold scores to qualify for this program.


AP Prep

Advanced Placement courses engage students with college-level work while they're still in high school. Our dedicated advisors will help students prepare for AP exams as they earn college credits, boost their confidence, and create university applications that truly stand out.



The SSAT is a standardized test used for admission to private high schools throughout North America. This service includes coaching, instruction, and test review sessions for all test sections: Quantitative, Verbal, Reading, and Essay.  SSAT Prep is offered at three levels based on the student's expected grade level of admission: Lower (Grades 4-5), Middle (Grades 6-8), and Upper (Grades 9-12).


Language Arts


Language and Literature

This course focuses on reading, writing, vocabulary, and analytical and communication skills. Summit's exciting collection of novels is the basis for the course, where students will learn to think and write critically about literature and the world around them. Offered at multiple levels, this class teaches students to read and write short stories, poems, research reports, and various types of essays. Lessons involve active engagement, problem solving, and application of reading and writing skills.


Grammar and Writing

This focused program offers students the chance to learn various forms of writing, which will serve as a practice field for their grammar improvement. This program will help develop the students' awareness of their own tendencies toward error so they can learn to write more accurately and proofread more effectively.


University Application Consulting


University Application Consulting

Summit's academic advisors work with upper level high school students as they apply to universities.  We take a detailed look at students' academic and extracurricular histories to help them identify a range of schools to apply to, highlighting their strengths in their applications.  We then guide them through the process, from filling out forms to writing application essays to managing deadlines.  


Extracurricular Activity Placement and Career-track Coaching


Career-Track Coaching

Summit offers a unique career coaching program to help each student formulate a master plan for achieving his or her goals. Students enrolled in this personalized program will receive advice on extracurricular activities, electives, and competitions; ongoing consultation with our academic advisors; access to Summit's extensive network of professionals in real-world work settings; and unique career-related travel opportunities. Whether students' aspirations include medicine, law, architecture, engineering, business, or other professions, Summit can help them develop the leadership, knowledge, and experience to prepare for the future.  


Elementary & Secondary Private School Application Counselling


Elementary & Secondary Private School Application Counselling

• Direct assistance in completing school applications and essays

• Coaching services to improve reading, writing, math, and test taking skills

• Practice testing and test result analysis for standardized testing (SSAT) 

Customized Sessions


Individualized Academic Improvement and Skills Training

• Academic planning for secondary schools (advanced placement courses, standardized tests, etc.)

• Coaching services and homework help for all school subjects

• Leadership and communication skills training

• Writing and editing services

• Novel-based literacy services